Monday, March 21, 2011

Episode 25 - The Wes Mutiny

Episode 25 is available now. This week, Wes takes over takes over the show! We talk about Battle: Los Angeles, the Batman: Arkham City gameplay trailer, and Killzone 3 (with Playstation Move support.) Also, Dean talks about Game Informer's attempt to get in the Guinness Book of World Records. Wes' mutiny audio is taken from music by Atreyu. Break audio is taken from music by Blindside.

The Wes Mutiny has finally happened... and he demands that you checkout the
Batman: Arkham City gameplay trailer! ;)

We definitely recommend
Battle: Los Angeles - great movie!

Thanks to Wes' recent purchase, we finally got our hands on Sony's Playstation Move. Personally, I didn't see much of a difference between Move's functionality compared to Wii's motion controls, but using motion controls on an HD game was a new experience.

Show Notes:

I represented Robot in the Corner this weekend by spending a good chunk of time watching the GI guys break the world record for the longest fighting game session. Click here to see my blog about the event, including how long I watched/listened and my favorite moments from the Smashathon.

Shout-out to Sean Lowery for mentioning RITC on the Smashathon live stream! Thanks, Sean!

Ben Hanson's inspirational poster in honor of Jeff Cork's spirit during the Smashathon - the guy got up ONE time during the entire 30 hour event! (as far as I know.)


nick dressen said...

as of right now I'm only 30 minutes into the show, but I've laughed out loud several times! I love it. btw I'd like to check out the killzone 3 game with the move gun, it looks like it'd be fun.

Robot in the Corner said...

Now you'll have to checkout Killzone 3 in 3D! ;)

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