Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Skyrim Gear Contest

Attention all Denizens of Skyrim!

The Robot in the Corner Crew is sponsoring the Ultimate Skyrim Gear Contest (contest may be a trife misleading, while we are looking for the person with the best items, there are no prizes which is really what makes a contest worth while, despite this immediate deathblow to our contest's legitimacy, we proceed unhindered)!

All we want is for you to tell us the stats of your best Melee Weapon, Bow, and Armor. If you use the following format it would aid in reading your entry:

Base Weapon or Armor

I'll provide some examples:

Daedric Bow
Burns 25, Stamina Damage 37

Dragonplate Armor
Health +62, Light Armor +25
(yes I screwed up and enchanted my heavy armor with a light armor perk)

If you want to tell us how you got it to that level that is greatly encouraged as well, mainly because the purpose of this contest is to figure out how to get the best armor possible. Here's what I'd say:

100 Enchanting (full skill points)
100 Smithing (full skill points)

+100 Fortify Smithing gear
Fortify Smithing Potion

Enchanted with Grand Soul Gems

Heavy Armor 30~
One Handed 45~
Archery 35~

Helpful Links:
How I leveled Smithing and Enchanting Easily
Fortify Smithing Potion
Fortify Enchanting Potion
Base Weapons Data

Please enter what you have, we'd all like to see what's possible in Skyrim!


Anonymous said...

Not sure why I am the first to comment. I do not have pictures or exact stats, but I can assure you that creating game breaking equipment is very possible and rather easy through the use of alchemy and enchanting.

I have gear that allows me to one hit any and all monsters with any weapon I choose or even with just my fists. I can also sneak and attack without being detected no matter what I do. I can pick any lock without even adjusting the pick. I never run out of health or magika.

It really is fun, but after awhile switching back to lower leveled gear is a must if you want to enjoy the game.

How is this done you may ask? Fortify restoration potions is one way. You can create a set of alchemy gear then create a fortify restoration pot. unequip gear, take pot, re-equip gear and make another fortify restoration pot. Repeating this process continues to make stronger and stronger pots.

You can then create fortify enchanting pots so you can enchant items with insane stats like alchemy gear or smithing gear.

In the long run, if you take this to the extreme you will eventually create items that have negative numbers. I have a bow that is worth over 20 billion, but has a negative base damage but enchanted with 20+ billion fire and health absorb damage.

Long story short, if you want to make the game unbelievably easy, you can take this path. It is fun at times, but can ruin the game so switching back to lesser gear is recommended.

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