Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2-18 Nextbox

This week, Dean shares some of the new features in the upcoming SSX, Titus shares some enticing Blu Ray deals, and we discuss the recent rumors about the next generation consoles from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. For the Netflix Instant Queue Movie Review, we attempt to discuss the TERRIBLE prequel, Tremors 4: The Legend Begins.


Titus doesn't live a few minutes away anymore, so sometimes it works better for him to "phone it in." This week, his phoned in performance was more entertaining (for us) because he did a video chat, complete with distractions, like him playing Infinity Blade on his iPhone while I was talking.
Show Notes:
What are you expecting from the next Xbox and what would it take for you to purchase it on day one? Let us know in the comments section below and we'll share your answers on the next episode.
This week's Instant Queue movie is Star Trek (2009). What did you think of Tremors 4?
Interested in SSX? This 50 minute video from Giant Bomb goes over most (if not all) of its features. Check it out:


Jared said...

I think they should keep the Xbox 360 controller and make it work with the new Xbox. If they want to change the design a little I would be fine with that, but make it so I can still use the old xbox 360 controller. I would also like to see them integrate a good web browser into the system. The problem with the current web browsers that are included in consoles and even smart tvs is they run so slow! I would like to see something that can run smoothly and could use the Kinect 2 to control the browser wether it be by voice, or hand motions or both. I would also like the browser to be able to accept downloadable plug-ins such as flash and java so I am not limited to what website I can go to. I would also like to see them try to put more emphasis on MMO's for consoles. Games like W.O.W. and Star Wars Old Republic would be more accesible to players on consoles. Most current Gen consoles have USB ports on them so you could easily plug a keyboard into them for the extra keys you may need. The last thing I would like to see is a blu-ray or some sort of device that can store more than a standard DVD. It would be awesome if it were a Blu-Ray player but if that is not possible at least make it so I dont have to switch out disks in the middle of a game. Even though that is pretty rare on games now I have a feeling it will become more common as you get into the next gen consoles if you dont change from DVD. I think that if Xbox is going to go for more than just a gaming console and want to create an all around media device they could do a better job at doing some of the things pc's do now.

Brandon said...

I don't want them to touch the controller at all except maybe the d-pad

Blu-ray is a must

Clan support/options to filter and organize friends list on Xbox live

Fully compatible for 360 games

Has to be at $400 or under

60 fps on everything

Customizable dashboard

XBL gold option to do away with

Spotify app

Ipod touch and Ipad compatiblilty (to play music)

500 gb or greater HDD

And the list can keep on going

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