Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2-27 Artsy Fartsy Tootie Fruity

This week, Wes & Titus talk about the Walking Dead comic, Wes & Dean share their impressions of Trials Evolution, and Dean quickly shares his impressions of the "artsy fartsy, tootie fruity" new indie platformer, Fez. This week's break audio is taken from the Trials Evolution theme song, "Shadows", by Mike Reagan.
As always, the episode description is only the "main subjects" from the show, not everything that's discussed.
Checkout Game Informer's Trials Evolution episode of Test Chamber:

Too soon? HAHA! I couldn't resist, this picture is too funny.
Show Notes:
Robot in the Corner is now posting every other week. The next episode will be available the week of May 3. 
Listener Question: Which developer are you most excited to see a sequel or new IP from? Share your answer in the comments section below & we'll share it on our next episode.
Axe Cop fans, an Axe Cop cartoon is coming to FOX! Checkout the article from Variety.


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