Monday, June 27, 2011

Episode 37 - BEEFY!

Episode 37 is available now. This week, Dean shares his impressions of Infamous (you can still get it for free on PSN), Wes talks about preparing for his first triathlon, we take a look at this year's Summer of Arcade titles on XBLA, and we talk about older games we're interested in playing. Also, Titus explains why we didn't post an episode last week. Break audio taken from music by Jonathan Coulton (Portal's "Still Alive.")

I'm really enjoying Infamous so far - definintely worth the price of FREE. Be sure to check it out.

Show Notes:

There are A LOT of video games, so it's safe to say that we miss a lot of good ones (whether they've been out for several months or several years.) Are there any older games that you're interested in playing?

You can purchase a Robot in the Corner t-shirt at Thanks to everyone who's purchased one so far! Seriously, it means a lot to us. :)


TOGNick said...

Before I Old Game I'm looking forward to playing is Borderlands. It seems like the perfect combination of genres. FPS and RPG, with a dose of humor thrown in, sounds like a chance to be one of my next favorite games.

TOGNick said...

Cool episode, Bastion sounds good, shame it's on XBLA and not also available to PSN users. It's a little disappointing to hear that The Summer of Live Arcade isn't as good last year, as that was a great selling point for Xbox Live. Great episode keep it up...

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