Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Episode 38 - Trucks & Skulls!

Episode 38 is available now. This week, we have a shorter show (busy weekend.) We talk about Trucks & Skulls (Angry Birds-like iOS game), visiting the Game Informer office (kinda), and we share the older games our listeners are interested in playing.

Trucks & Skulls may spontaneously burn a hole in your iPhone! (Not really.)

Show Notes:
Interested in Bastion? Let us know by voting on our website, www.robotinthecorner.com.


TOGNick said...

My vote is no, but it's biased because I'm a terrible PS3 Fanboy and believe the PSN outage was caused by Bill Gates himself to destroy Sony, while at the same time increase his wealth by stealing my identity. But if I had a 360 I might be interested...that's a strong might...

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