Thursday, May 31, 2012

2-29 Max Payne 3

We're back! Sorry for the long delay, the holiday through off my schedule this week. Don't miss the Nathan Drake vs. Max Payne listener question below!
This week, Titus talks about trying Diablo 3 via a guest pass from our friend Jared, and Wes and Dean share their impressions of Max Payne 3. Break audio taken from music by Health from the Max Payne 3 soundtrack.
Show Notes:
Have you played Max Payne 3? If so, did you enjoy it? Feel free to share your impressions in the comments section below.
Game Informer's recent poll asks, "Are you playing Diablo 3?" 43% have responded with, "No, I have no interest." I can't help but wonder if the results would be different if Diablo 3 was also released for Xbox 360 and/or PS3. Would you buy Diablo 3 if it got a console release? Give us your answer below! 
Listener Question: Nathan Drake vs. Max Payne!
Pick your winner, explain why, and we'll share your answers on our next show! Try to keep your answers as short as possible so they're easier to share on the show and let's have fun with this people... no trolling!

I'm still enjoying Olan Rogers:


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