Monday, August 1, 2011

Episode 42 - Sea of Khaki

Episode 42 is available now. This week, we talk about Game Informer's further support of its community, and we share our weeks (including topics like X Games, Bastion, The Fighter, and more.)

Show Notes:

Thank You - I'd like to thank Game Informer for the elite member promotion - it's an honor and a privilege. I'm really excited for this opportunity!

Ask the Robot - Our busy summer schedule is finally over. Starting now, we're taking questions for "Ask the Robot" again. If you have a question for the Robot in the Corner crew, email us at You can ask us anything (but please keep it clean.)

Sprite This Down - Be sure to checkout my Crimson Monkey blog about Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet!

I'm REALLY excited for Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet! Are you going to get it? Let us know in the comments below. :)


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